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Contestants interested in the New Reining Cow Horse Event We will have the Reining in the Spring. We will only have 3 rounds of the Reining before the State Finals. We will post any info beforehand on the FB page and the website when we schedule them.  For the pattern for Rein Cowhorse Competition go to  http://nrchadata.com/pdf/news/2014/nhsra_pattern.pdf this should take you directly to the pattern.

!! Choice Hotels Discount for OHSRA !!
If you book at a Choice Hotel and use our State Discount code you will receive 15% discount on all rooms booked. Oklahoma's discount code is 00209210. Choice Hotels will provide royalty to our association for every room booked. In order for us to receive credit the room must be booked using our states code. You must also book it through the sports reservation hotline by calling 877-240-2929 or on the web at www.choicesportstravel.com.  
!! 2014-15 Cinch Team !!
JD Reed, Wyatt Rogers, Big Perry Tyler Milligan, Ethan Price,  Payden Morse, Carter Gurrola , Devon Comstock, Mitchell Phillips, Taylor Spears, Kadee Belle Hall, Cierra Doyal, Shelby Lankford, Blake Wallace, Peyton Glenn, Devon Comstock, Mitchell Phillips 
and Taylor Munsell -  Please come by the office and fill out your paperwork for Nationals.

Cinch Team Captains JD Reed and Kadee Belle Hall


!! Draw will now be posted under the "Draw/Results/Points" Tab !!

The Association needs to get a current count on it's members that have a CDIB card to assist the Board in obtaining sponsorships or scholarships from tribes or tribal owned businesses. If you have a CDIB card please give a copy of your card to Kelli in the secretaries trailer at Hinton or Boswell.
Thank you

We want to wish everyone a Merry Christmas and Happy New Years. The OHSRA will have some changes starting in the spring. We will be starting at 12:00pm on Saturdays now at all rodeos. (EXCEPT for the Altus/ROR Rodeo) We also will have a new order of events for all our standard rodeos. Those are posted on front page of the website and FB. I will have the new entry form on the website towards the end of January and will be ready to start taking your entries for the spring rodeo season then. You will use the original entry form for all the rodeos EXCEPT the March 28-29 rodeo at Altus. It will be the Rumble on the Red Rodeo and will have a separate entry form. PLEASE get your entry forms turned in on time (1 week prior to the Saturday before that rodeo) or we will add a late fee and you MUST pay this BEFORE you can rodeo that weekend. 

** Our first rodeo back is at Lightning C Arena in McAlester March 21-22. The entries are due “AT MY HOUSE IN MY HANDS” on Sat. March 14. NO LATER!! 

** Our 2nd rodeo is “The Rumble on the Red Rodeo” in Altus on March 28-29, where we will rodeo with THSRA. Entries for this rodeo are due again “IN MY HANDS 2 WEEKS PRIOR TO THIS RODEO” on Friday March 14. NO LATER!!!! YOU MUST SELL YOUR RUMBLE on the RED raffle ticket to be able to rodeo at this rodeo this weekend. If you do not have yours please call Kelli and I can get one to you. They are $100.00 each. OHSRA gets $50.00 of each ticket we sell. There will be NO LATE ENTRIES for this rodeo because it takes 2 weeks to prepare for this rodeo. If you don’t get your entry in on the due date you WILL NOT be able to rodeo this weekend, NO EXCEPTIONS to this as we have done the past 2 years. Please use the special entry form for this rodeo. ****The rodeo start time and the order of events WILL BE DIFFERENT at this rodeo. PLEASE BE AWARE OF THIS so you don’t miss your event.

**Our 3rd rodeo is at Woodward April 11-12. (STALLS ARE MANDATORY no tying horses to trailers) Entries are due Sat. April 4. Please reserve and pay for your stalls and RV hookups on your entry form when you enter.

** Our 4th rodeo will be at Locust Grove at Sycamore Springs Ranch on April 25-26. (Directions to this rodeo are on Sycamore Springs Ranch’s website) Entries are due Sat. April 18. You MUST have stalls at this rodeo please call 918-598-3313 to reserve your stalls BEFORE you get there. I WILL NOT be in charge of the stalls or RV hook ups at this rodeo.
*****State Finals Entry Forms are due IN MY HANDS no later than Sunday at Locust Grove rodeo. If you do not plan on attending that last rodeo I must have your entry by Sat. April 25. If you enter after Sun. April 26 through Sat. May 2 you will owe a $50.00 late fee. NO ENTRIES taken after Sat. May 2. No exceptions!!! NOTICE…..We will be cashing the state finals entry checks on Monday May 4. Watch website for any new details that might be posted. 

GOOD LUCK to all the contestants coming back!!!!  

NOTICE - CONTESTANTS and FAMILIES (the following start time and new order of events will be for all rodeos from now on) 

-- New start time for rodeos SATURDAY ONLY @ 12:00
SUNDAY @ 10:00 am (no change)

Saddle Bronc
Tie Down
Steer wrestling
Team Roping
Altus - Rumble on the Red Rodeo
Will have a different start time and different order of events.

Please keep watching website and FB for more info on Spring Season.  

The following list reflects those contestants who DID NOT turn in their calendar fundraising monies and as such have lost any points earned in the Fall 2014 season.  Unless otherwise noted, please note you WILL NOT be eligible for Spring, 2015 points or participation in State Finals until these monies are turned in to the Secretary. You 

Leah Applebee                                             
Kye Callison (eligible for Spring pts.)     
Jayci Carothers (eligible for Spring pts.)                                       
Haley Ceron                                              
Carmen Christensen                                 
Charlie Cline                                             
Kensie Conine                                          
Shakota Copus                                       
Cannon Cravens                                      
Dalton Dill                                                
Rocky Dill                                                 
Garrison Duke                                          
Elizabeth Eddy (eligible for Spring pts.)  
Bailee Fehring (eligible for Spring pts.)    
Gunner Garrett                                          
Logan Gentry                                            
Ethan Griffin
TJ Hendricks
Hunter Hollingsworth
Hannah Houck
Tucker Hudgins
Kalley Kirk
Shayde Kreder
Sage Lamunyon 

Andrew Linville
David Manar
Jacob McCauley
Hunter Newsome
Victoria Padilla
Makala Pierce
Bennie Ridenour
Kaden Roden
Morgan Scott
Jayden Steele
Rylee Steward
Elise Wade (eligible for Spring pts.)
Kirsten Walker
Bailey Wilhelm
Tomas Wilkerson
Riley Zeller
Rocky Zeller
Contestants that HAVE sold their "Rumble on the Red Raffle Ticket

As of February 3, 2015, the following members have turned in their Rumble on the Red (ROR) fundraising ticket and are eligible for participation in the Rumble on the Red Altus rodeo on March 28 & 29, 2015. If your name is not on this list, your ROR ticket and fundraising money must be turned in by the McAlester rodeo on March 21 & 22, 2015 in order to enter Altus. 

Acord, Lyndon
Allen, Devon
Anderson, Wyatt
Barger, Linsey
Brown, Devon
Carothers, Jayci
Christensen, Austin
Christensen, Cheyenne
Comstock, Devon
Copenhaver, Riley
Davis, Haven
Dees, Jakob
Fomby, Sadie
Frey, Sydney
Gaskill, Kynadi
Glenn, Peyton
Gray, Erica
Gurrola, Carter
Gurrola, Hannah
Hall, Brenten

Hall, Brenten
Hall, Kadee Belle
Hawkins, Tanner
Hickman, Jacob
Huffman, Tucker
Keathley, Cody
Kelly, Kord
Langston, Cameron
LeBouef, Jade
Lynch, Laney
Milligan, Tyler
Miller, Oran
Parker, Kell
Patterson, Kaley
Patterson, Kassidi
Piotrowski, Bethany
Ray, Nikki
Reed, J. D.
Smith, Blaine
Smith, Colton
Saturday - February 14 @ 9:00 am
Saturday - February 21 @ 9:00 am
Saturday - February 28 @ 9:00 am
  2 rounds each day = $148.00
(TENTATIVE Dates - PLEASE watch FB or
Website for updates or cancellations)

!! Intermountain Ice Breaker Rodeo @ Ogden Utah !!
 March 5-7, 2015 *** Find More Info HERE

!! NOTICE !!
The spring entry forms are up on the website. I DO NOT mail out the forms. It is your responsibility to print your own forms off and get your entry in on time

!! McAlester Rodeo - Altus ROR Rodeo !!
ENTRIES DUE Saturday March 14
!! NOTICE !!
You MUST have your "Rumble on the Red Raffle ticket" sold and turned in with your Altus rodeo entry form or before that or you WILL NOT be allowed to enter Altus Rodeo.  

!! Beginning in the 2015-2016 Fall rodeo season !!
Helmets used in the Bull Riding MUST be "ASTM" certified. At the present time there are 2 certified helmets approved for bull riding, "Invincibull and Phoenix."

Smith, Rebekah
Sorrell, Joni
Sorrell, Sadie
Sperry, Monty
Swan, Kooper
Trejo, Amanda
Wade, Elise
Williams, Kirstie

!!  McAlester Information !!
RV hookups- $25 for weekend * Stalls - $35.00 per stall for weekend.
 (First come first serve basis only)
(Come to office and pay when you get there and find a stall or RV)

!! Reined Cow Horse Event !!
--Sat. March 7 & Sun. March 8
-- 3 rounds @ $66.00 per round (and a possible free clinic first depending on interested participants) 
--Ardmore Hardy Murphy Coliseum 
--OHSRA will have our own separate Reined Cow Horse competition
--Kelli needs to know ASAP if you would like to attend this event. 
--Let her know if you would be interested in having a clinic before they do their event. If there is a clinic it may have to be 2 days long 
--If you have questions on the event itself please call Jeff Christensen. 580-210-8486

​ IF we cancel the cutting for the 28th, they may postpone the Reining Cow Horse competition that is scheduled for March 7-8. For questions please call Jeff Christensen @ 580-210-8486